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FireWise On the Mountain

Protect the mountain from potential forest fires by joining our annual Firewise program. 

In the past, our community has received a grant for participating in the Virginia Department of Forestry's Firewise USA program. The purpose of Firewise is to help reduce damage to homes in the event of a wildfire in high risk communities like ours. This program is designed to protect an area of no more than 100 feet around your home. Historically, we have used the grant funds to hire a professional tree crew for several days, along with a wood chipper/shredder. 

Due to the popularity of the Firewise program, and limited state funding, community grants are distributed on a rotating basis. The program is set up to provide a $5,000 grant in year one, a $2,500 grant in year two and $0 in year three. The amount is not guaranteed, but rather is dependent on community residents documenting sweat equity hours - which qualify for recognition by the Department of Forestry.

We must all do our part by taking care of our individual properties and working to protect the mountain. 

For more information on the Firewise program, visit the National Fire Protection Association website. 

​Thank you in advance for helping to reduce the wildfire risk in our community!

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