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As a volunteer organization, we need you! Your membership helps support our mission to “preserve the unspoiled beauty

of the mountain and protect the resources of forest, water and wildlife.” Working together with other regional conservation groups, we strive to positively influence policy and decision making that directly impacts our community. Representatives from the BRMCA stay connected with state and local officials on issues concerning planning, zoning and commercialization. Our website, Facebook group and newsletter help keep members informed on matters pertinent to the mountain. 



The BRMCA Board provides a means for members to voice concerns relative to our mission and works to bring those concerns before the appropriate governmental body. We encourage members to write and call state and local legislators, to attend local board of supervisors meetings, reach out to local newspapers and support other area conservation groups. New ideas are welcome as we seek better and more effective ways to safeguard the mountain. The greater our number, the greater our influence!



Membership in the BRMCA is a great way to stay informed, while also helping to ensure the beauty, privacy and peacefulness of our community. Social events held throughout the year bring added opportunities to meet new neighbors or catch up with old friends. Our general membership meetings are held in April and October, although you may join at any time. 

Annual Family Membership - $30

Please send 

checks to:


P.O. Box 303

Bluemont, VA 20135


 pay using our 

secure online form:

Join Today!

Thank You!

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