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On behalf of the BRMCA officers and directors, we welcome you to the mountain and look forward to meeting you. We believe our community is a special one, filled with the wonder and beauty that is the Blue Ridge. Whether you are enjoying the vibrant hues of a mountain sunset, the peaceful woodland surroundings, or hiking along the Appalachian Trail - this is an extraordinary place to call home.   


Please take a few minutes to look over our website. Here you will find answers to questions on association membership, upcoming events, important news and volunteer opportunities. Safeguarding the natural environment of the Blue Ridge is at the heart of our organization. Working together with other like-minded groups, we strive to preserve and protect the mountain’s vital resources for generations to come. 


Again, a warm welcome from the BRMCA. Living on the “Ridge” is a wonderful way of life and we hope you and your family will become an active part of our community. As our association membership grows, it can only strengthen our ability to sustain the mountain and ensure the tranquil solitude of all who live here.    


There is a serene and settled majesty to woodland scenery that enters into the soul and delights

and elevates it, and fills it with noble inclinations." – Washington Irving


2024 BRMCA Elections:

BRMCA elections will be held at our Spring Social on May 18. We are looking for three BRMCA members in good standing to volunteer for our Nomination Committee. This committee will select a chairperson and solicit nominees for each elective office (president, vice president, treasurer and secretary).

If anyone in good standing is interested in volunteering for the nomination committee, or running for an elective office, please contact Paz Andrae at

For more information on the Nomination Committee and each elective position, please visit "About Us" and select "BRMCA By-Laws" at the bottom of the page.


Please ensure BRMCA has your accurate contact information.

If changes need to be made, let us know.

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